Travel to Saudi Arabia

The World Travel and Tourism Council says that the region will attract 17.9 million tourists over the next 15 years. It also predicts that 13.45 million passengers from within the region will travel to destinations outside of the Middle East during the same period.

By sheer size and its multiple attractions, Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of the movement in the GCC.

Easier visas, more encouragement to good, clean tourism and the use of the seven ‘S’ factors (Shopping, security, safety, sun, sea, sport and sanitation) have made it a perfect place to wind down and relax.

While surface traffic has its role especially during the religious phases, there is now an exponential increase in standard tourism. Saudi Arabia offers excellent food, superb hotels, a gratifying peek into history and the perfect balance of the traditional with the modern.

The heritage aspect is a major beckoner and as the custodian of the Islamic religion’ s most honored and revered sites it generates a great deal of interest in both the scholars and amateur visitors.

The Sports Tourist

This is a major group in global tourism and not one that puts Saudi Arabia in its top list. But the Kingdom offers great waters for a variety of sport, mountains for trekking, rock climbing and scaling as well as sand skiing. It also offers opportunities for hang gliding, para-sailing, surfing, etc in surroundings that are amongst the safest and most secure in the world.

Young people interested in sport do not despoil the natural balance nor are they a nuisance. Their interests are health oriented and Saudi could well become a SPA Center for the region. Health is a highly recommended element in new tourism.

Senior Citizen Tourism

Their numbers have gone up threefold in the past 10 years. As people stay healthier than ever before after years, they are hit by the travel bug. Most charters would indicate that percent of their flights are not football fans but the retired couples and singles looking to see the world. They are well mannered, courteous of norms and traditions and so far as they know their heath is not in any danger the lure of Saudi Arabia and its safe haven aura would make for a very powerful influx of charters to the Kingdom.