Business Advisory Service

The Business Advisory Services of the Pak-Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PSJCC&I) provide a customized approach to your company’s market development needs. Taking full advantage of the experience and expertise of our staff. We offers a full menu of business development services to Members and Non-Members.

Services include:

  • Market Insight and Analysis
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Competition Analysis
  • Trade Show Support Services
  • Partner Identification and Introduction
  • Company Profiles & Contact Information
  • In-Country Partnership Screening
  • In-Country Appointments/Logistical Support
  • For Legal Lawyer

Advocates & Legal Consultants:

  • Mr. Waqqar A Sheikh
  • Mr. Rana Mehtaab
  • Barrister Rizwan Ahmad
Business Consultants:
  • Mr. Ali Khizar Aslam

Financial Consultants

  • Kamran Younas
IT & Telecom Consultant
  • Mr. Asim Bukhari
Media Consultants:
  • Mr. Ali Shaur Awan

Whether you are a Pakistani company seeking to enter the Saudi market or a Saudi company seeking to penetrate the Pakistani market, the PSJCC&I Business Advisory Services can help you open doors to create opportunity.

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